My professional life is spent in the world of digital information. I get to create, edit, organize, analyze, map, manage, and strategize content. I love what I do, and am still excited about all there's still to learn to hone my craft.



where I've been

  • Search engine
  • Digital media company
  • Software company
  • Boutique agency
  • Startup
  • In-house, client-side
  • Large international ad agency


  • Chrysler
  • Google
  • Harley Davidson
  • Sony
  • Starbucks
  • Visa


  • E-commerce
  • Content migrations
  • Translation & localization
  • CMS 
  • Taxonomy
  • QA
  • Mobile applications
  • Beta testing
  • Knowledge Base creation


  • Content audits
  • Content matrices
  • Content models
  • Manage translations & localization projects
  • Project estimations & scoping
  • Taxonomy
  • Site maps
  • Information architecture
  • QA testing
  • Knowledge base creation and management
  • Copy editing 
  • Analytics
  • Content creation 
  • Project Management


Some days I feel like what I do is a combination of a private detective, fundraiser, counselor, translator, negotiator, lawyer, researcher and entrepreneur. That might sound crazy to some, but I love being and doing all those things, because it's what keeps me engaged and inspired in my work.