Berlin - Spirit City

I recently spent a week in Berlin, a place of rawness with a haunting history, but also filled with art and beauty. A week wasn't enough time to explore all that it has to offer.  

This first photo is of the iconic Fernsehturm (television tower), which was built in 1969 in East Berlin. The tower brings a different era to mind; it's a reminder of the communist period of East Berlin. It's a striking image with so many views of it throughout the city. I could photograph it endlessly. 

Fernsehturm (English: Television Tower)

Fernsehturm (English: Television Tower)

Tiergarten (animal garden) is the largest urban park in Berlin. It was mostly deforested after WWII to provide firewood to the city. It's a beautiful park in the winter, but I imagine in the spring it's an even more amazing place to spend a Sunday.

Cholcolate in Europe is just better. It really is.

Brunch at Das Café in der Gartenakademie at Königliche Gartenakademie was one of the highlights of my trip. The food was so delicious, and eating in a beautiful greenhouse/sun-room-like space simply makes everything lovely.

The graffiti throughout Berlin really speaks to me. For me the impact is from its impermanence and ability to express powerful cultural views that are timely. The Berlin Wall was covered in graffiti, and such an important part of its history.